Duratec was engaged to replaced five car positioner rail base plates for Rio Tinto at their Car Dumper 2 (CD 2) facility at Cape Lambert.


The eight-day shutdown involved working day and night shifts to replace the baseplate which was moving under load.

The new baseplates were positioned using locating framework before Chockfast Red – a high strength epoxy grout was poured into the void. New positioning lugs were welded onto the baseplate with the final step being the Thermit welding of the A150 crane rail.


  • Works were successfully completed safely and ahead of schedule using a number of specialist FIFO subcontractors.
  • The original plate was removed using welded-on purpose-built strongbacks and 100 tonne hydraulic jacks to break the bond with its concrete surrounds.
  • Thermit welding was used to join the heavy gauge rail.


  • Mechanical Works
  • Shutdowns

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