Located close to Melbourne’s CBD, the Port of Melbourne is Australia’s busiest port for containerised and general cargo.


Duratec was engaged to perform concrete and cathodic repairs to Swanson Dock which was constructed between 1966 and 1972 to alleviate congestion in the port and provide the first
container shipping terminal in Melbourne. The scope included:

Swanson Dock East

  • Concrete repairs to transverse beams.
  • ICCP ribbon repairs on transverse beams.
  • ICCP reference electrodes/connection repairs.
  • Upgrade of the existing TR units with Omniflex Remote Monitoring system.
  • Inspection, replacement and reinstallation of the ICCP water anodes.
  • Testing and commissioning of the concrete and water ICCP system.
  • 12 months monitoring of the concrete and water ICCP system.

Swanson Dock West

  • Replacement of the existing with new type D kidney bollards.
  • Surface preparation and application of coatings to new type D kidney existing bollards.


  • Works undertaken day and night shift, live wharf conditions.
  • All works were undertaken without disruption to stevedoring activity.
  • Due to tide related access constraints, works were undertaken chasing tidal movements, both day and night


  • Concrete Repair
  • Cathodic Protection


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