RAAF Pearce in Perth’s north, is home to No. 2 Flying Training School and No. 79 Squadron.


The package scope is the supply and installation of a staircase to allow access by the Facilities Manager to the two levels of the plane doors on the sides of the aircraft mock-up. Access is required to remove maintenance covers over the doors.

The stairs should enable the doors to be opened while the Facilities Manager is in position on the stair platform, and undertake general maintenance within the region of the door. Doors with escape socks will only have their covers removed from the platforms, with no further access required.

After consultation with the end user of the proposed stairs, it was deemed not to be the best practical solution for access to the plane doors. It was decided and agreed a scope change would occur to supply a suitable elevated work platform. A Genie Z-45 machine was sourced and a custom weather proof cover was made and supplied.


  • A more preferable access solution was discussed and successfully agreed upon by all parties.
  • The sourcing and procurement of a new fit for purpose machine.
  • Procurement of an all weather cover, custom measured and made to fit the supplied machine.


  • Technical Lifting & Rigging

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