Duratec was engaged by Curtin University to perform repair works to building 201 which was constructed in 1967. The building consists of 7 levels with a terracotta tiled roof laid on timber battens. Air conditioning units are mounted on the roof.


The roof had deteriorated significantly over time as a consequence of poor construction and ambient factors. Historical roof leaks were occurring on regular basis due to cracked/damaged roof tiles, improper sarking installation, failed sarking joint and cracks in the copper gutters. The building was also assessed for height safety compliance in order to undertake the roofing works safely. The scope included:

  • Braze repair of copper gutter.
  • Waterblast and mechanical preparation of substrate to remove coper patina build-up and contaminants.
  • Application of specialist waterproof membrane to gutters.
  • Installation of new joint sealant to window frames and gutters.
  • Design and installation of a height safety system compliant to AS/NZS 1891 series and AS/NZS 1657.
  • Installation of new screws and timber battens.
  • Installation of anti-ponding boards.
  • Sarking repairs.
  • Service relocations.
  • Tile replacement.
  • Replacement and installation of 9 new roof mounted air conditioning units.


  • Works were completed on a tight time frame during the university‚Äôs Christmas break to allow the building to open for the new semester.
  • A 300 tonne crane was mobilised to install the air conditioning units.
  • Over 100 linear metres of guttering was remediated with detailing around pipe outlets and obstructions.
  • Four storey high custom scaffolding was used to complete works over the stairwell.
  • Specialist Access Division involvement in height safety compliance audit, design review and installation of height safety system.


  • Height Safety Systems Design & Installation
  • Waterproofing
  • HVAC Upgrades

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