The Point Quobba aid to navigation (AtoN) is located
approximately 30nm north-west of Carnarvon, WA. The
structure consists of a reinforced concrete cylindrical tower with cast iron lantern room and a stainless steel balcony.


The upper portion of the concrete tower is showing signs of deterioration and the lantern room has significant corrosion between the panel joints which is causing the cast iron panels to crack.

Duratec has been engaged by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority to refurbish the concrete tower and lantern room.

The works include:

  • Repair of the concrete tower.
  • Refurbishment of the lantern room.
  • Upgrade of the balcony.
  • Application of protective coatings.
  • Establishment of a temporary AtoN.
  • Reinstatement of the AtoN equipment.
  • Refurbishment of the security gate.


  • The Duratec crew removed and dismantled the lantern room, before sending it to the Duratec Karratha LIA blast and paint facility for full coatings refurbishment.
  • A survey was completed of the concrete condition prior to mobilisation to site, allowing the client to ascertain the true refurbishment value prior to undertaking the works.


  • Concrete Repair
  • Abrasive Blasting & Painting
  • Technical Lifting & Rigging

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