Murray Irrigation provides irrigation water to over 2,300 farms in southern NSW with an operating area from Mulwala in the east to Moulamein in the west, taking in 748,000 hectares of farmland north of the Murray River.


The Mulwala and Deniboota canal bridges are located along the Mulwala and Deniboota sections of the irrigation channels. They range in age, with Deniboota built in the 1920s and Mulwala in the 1960s.

Duratec was engaged to perform remediation works to both bridges including:

  • Identification and removal of failing concrete in soffits and abutments.
  • Augmentation of steel reinforcing bars with additional new reinforcing.
  • Replacement of the concrete cover by hand with high build cement repair renders.
  • Temporary propping to beams to provide safe work areas.


  • Working with a professional client team.
  • Worked with a crane crew to install the specially designed 1.5 ton propping beam for Deniboota bridge.


  • Concrete Repair

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