Lend Lease, engaged the services of Duratec to install a waterproofing membrane system in Service Yard 7 at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre.


The original membrane had shown signs of deterioration causing waterproofing issues below the service yard.

The membrane was removed using a ride-on floor stripping machine before the entire surface was captive shot blasted in preparation for the final coating.

The project included the detailing around bollards, drains, pipework and electrical services and involved concrete repair, joint sealing and crack repairs.

The final membrane system included the application of a trafficable Vulkem 3-coat system. The total area of the service yard was over 800m2 .


  • The captive shot blasting machine, used to prepare concrete for coating applications, produces very little dust.
  • The Vulkem system is a seamless polyurethane waterproofing membrane capable of bridging 1.5mm cracks and handling heavy vehicular traffic.
  • The project was completed on time, safely and to the satisfaction of the both the client and their consultant, SGA Consultants.
  • Due to hot summer climate conditions, works had to be completed on night shift in order to meet the clients deadline and keep within product manufacturer’s specifications.


  • Flooring Systems
  • Concrete Repair
  • High Performance Coatings

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