Duratec was engaged by KCGM to conduct 160m2 of concrete repairs to CV03 conveyor tunnels at their Fimiston gold operations.


The project included the removal of delaminated and spalled concrete using hydro-demolition and jackhammers. After the steel reinforcement was inspected and repaired or replaced in consultation with the client, it was then abrasive blasted and coated with a zinc primer to further inhibit corrosion.

Sacrificial anodes were installed to extend the life of the reinforcement. The concrete was reinstated by dry-spray methods.


  • Duratec project managed the entire project and all associated subcontractors, including scaffolders, boilermakers, crane lifts and electricians.
  • The project was completed safely and on time while the plant remained in full operation.
  • Guncrete E (high strength, low shrinkage repair mortar) was dry-sprayed onto the repair areas.
  • The scope also included the coordination and management of all service diversions.


  • Concrete Repair

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