Duratec Australia was engaged by Knight Frank undertake testing on all façade panels installed at Australia Place (15-17 William Street) in Perth’s CBD.


The purpose of the scope was to identify all panels affected by weld failure and install fixings as a remedial measure to minimise the risk of a panel becoming dislodged.

The scope included a manual pull test utilising a suction cup method was performed of each weld location on each façade panel to identify defects in sub-frame welds.

The purpose of the test was to identify potential weld failure only, not frame movement. Testing was undertaken on each weld location, of each panel, on all elevations.

Failed welds were rectified at the time they were identified by pull testing by fitting screws to the defective weld locations. Fixings were installed at the specific failure point and immediately either side only, not around the perimeter of the entire panel.


  • Mechanical load testing (pull test).
  • Rope access was utilised to complete the works.
  • Full diversion of pedestrians utilising 3rd party traffic management.
  • Over 2,800 panels tested.
  • Over 35,000 weld locations tested.
  • A comprehensive report detailing the specific location of every individual failed weld was supplied to the client.


  • Condition Assessment
  • Non Destructive Testing & Structural Health Monitoring

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