The mining and resources sector has been an integral part of Duratec’s success since its inception in 2010. The company’s Kalgoorlie branch is currently undertaking works at several prominent sites across the Goldfields.

FMR Investments – Greenfields Mill

FMR Investments runs Greenfields Mill, which is situated three kilometres east of Coolgardie. The facility has been providing toll milling to the gold industry for about 20 years and treats approximately one million tons per annum.

Having originally used Duratec’s services through a third party, FMR engaged the company directly to undertake various concrete remediation and construction works across the Greenfields site. The team was able to breathe new life into run-down assets such as a ROM (run-of mill) bin, chemical bunds, suspended deck columns and steel structures. Methodologies included shotcrete, where
concrete is projected at high velocity onto a surface, and ‘form and pour’, which entails liquid concrete being poured into molds to determine its final shape.

By giving the site an extension of life, these works have led to Duratec being awarded an ongoing maintenance schedule, through which the company has now completed more than 3,700 personnel hours. Duratec has also been engaged to carry out blast and paint work at its yard facility which contains newly fabricated tank components.

St Barbara – Leonora Operations

Located 235 kilometres from Kalgoorlie, St Barbara’s mine at Leonora is its cornerstone asset, having produced more than 2.5 million ounces of gold since 2005. The company also
operates a nearby processing plant, which incorporates a gas-fired power station, a paste-fill plant and a refrigeration plant to cool the underground environment.

Duratec was initially engaged by a third party to carry out internal and external coating works, using a range of protective systems, on a fine ore bin at St Barbara’s Leonora site. These works involved:

  • Cleaning and preparing – via blasting – the external wall of the tank (bin)
  • Cutting into the concrete around the tank
  • Applying a boot seal

The team then entered the tank – after covering the ore pit with scaffolding – and proceeded with blasting and painting the internal walls.

The successful delivery of these works led to Duratec being awarded a truck stop remediation project, as well as various structural blast and paint works around the site. The company has completed 1,000 personnel hours onsite.