As a fuel infrastructure specialist, Duratec offers design, construction, refurbishment and upgrade services for government and private fuel infrastructure assets nationally. Duratec’s demonstrated experience has positioned the company as experts in fuel infrastructure, including the treatment of contaminated materials.

Since 2014, Duratec has delivered over $250 million in fueling projects nation-wide. Its demonstrated capability includes the design and construction of all pipeline infrastructure for new airports, mining assets, and highly confidential fuel infrastructure for Defence aviation assets.
In addition to design and construction projects, Duratec has extensive experience integrating new systems with existing facilities, ensuring that existing operations are not disrupted while work is being done. No matter what your requirements or industry, Duratec’s team of fuel specialists can help.

Trusted Defence fuel assets partner

As a self-performing head contractor with a dedicated Defence division, Duratec is committed to the successful delivery of whole-of-life projects for the Department of Defence. Duratec has been successfully delivering large-scale Defence projects across Australia, such as the RAAF Tindal Fuel Farm in the Northern Territory.

The team at Duratec understands the importance of maintaining Defence capability and base security. Duratec is committed to meeting all security obligations on Defence fuel projects, contracts, and tenders by investing in secure ICT infrastructure and solutions on an ongoing basis, employing security officers, and maintaining Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) accreditation.

Aviation, industrial & mining solutions

With diverse in-house capability, Duratec can fabricate and modularise specialist equipment, support processing plant requirements, and provide integrated turnkey and maintenance solutions.

Its speciality lies in tailored fuel infrastructure solutions, designed to keep people safe and maintain safe operations. Duratec’s experience ranges from large-scale construction projects such as the Western Sydney Airport to the ongoing maintenance of fuel storage and distribution facilities.

Whether it’s designing and building refueling depots, upgrading existing fuel infrastructure, or decommissioning old fuel tanks, Duratec’s team of specialists can design, construct, and develop solutions to suit your needs.