Duratec was engaged by Rio Tinto Iron Ore to complete the
corrosion repair works to the slew deck area of shiploader 2 at Rio Tinto’s Parker Point operations in Dampier, during the week 16 shiploader 2 shutdown.


The slew area is a high impact area and the coating system currently in place has been shown to be ineffective due to the corrosion present.

The scope of works included:

  • Set up of encapsulation to contain and capture spent abrasive media and masking up of areas that required protection.
  • Abrasive blast of surfaces in accordance to AS1627.4 to Sa2½ (AS1627.9) to achieve a surface profile of between 50 and 75 μm.
  • Completion of surface contamination testing as required.
  • Spray application of one coat of primer to a WFT of approximately 80 μm, to achieve a DFT of approximately 40 μm.
  • Spray application of a polyurethane elastomer coating to a minimum of 2mm (2000 μm).


  • In an attempt to find a more effective coating, Duratec trialled the use of a polyurethane elastomer coating in place of the standard modified epoxy coating system.
  • Early attention to touch-up coatings of mechanical damage areas avoids the costly repairs associated with the resultant un-addressed and often severe rates of corrosion in marine environments. It also ensures the coating condition is well maintained, and, on a whole of
    life basis, extends the time to the next full recoat.


  • Abrasive Blasting & Painting

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