Duratec was engaged by RTIO to fireproof 26 substations at Cape Lambert Port A, 16 substations are currently complete with 10 more to be completed at a later date.


The scope of works was to protect the electrical cables associated with the substations by treating them with a fireproof coating. The cables run on cable trays throughout each substation both overhead and on the walls, and enter/ exit via the walls, ceiling and floors. Cables outside the buildings within a 2m radius of each building were also coated.

After preparation works consisting of masking up areas, vacuuming, solvent wiping and air-blasting in some exterior areas, Duratec applied a water-based ablative fire protective coating, especially developed for the fire protection of grouped or bundled electrical cables.

The fireproofing of cables is a vital step in ensuring that, in the event of fire, key electrical components and control systems continue to function. The coating used in this case is specially designed to prevent flame propagation along vertical and horizontal cable ways and reduce smoke production.


  • The coating was applied using our standard highpressure air-operated airless sprayer.
  • We utilised a team of between 3 and 5 men at all times, split into 2 groups. 1 group worked ahead of the spray team masking up to ensure the electrical cubicles were adequately protected against overspray. The spray team followed with 1 member spraying at all times.
  • Final touch ups were done using a paint brush.
  • The product was applied with a wet film thickness of 2.7mm in order to achieve the required dry film thickness of 1.6mm as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.


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