Built in 1985, the then Burswood Hotel complex’s exterior has undergone several expansions, renovations and maintenance upgrades and was re-branded in 2012 to Crown Metropol.


With nearly 30 years of exposure to weathering, the façade was in need of a major refurbishment with the priorities being architectural coatings, window sealing and waterproofing the outside. The design and construct contract to bring the façade back to a weathertight new appearance included:

  • Wet sealing of existing window seals.
  • Removal of loose external coatings and fairing coats.
  • Repairs to any damaged or degraded concrete.
  • Removal and reinstatement of protective membranes to western balconies and selected restaurant roof areas.
  • Full external painting, protective and decorative coating.
  • Western balcony re-tiling.
  • Western balustrade installation.
  • Removal of redundant services.


  • Challenges of accessing the façade included utilising a variety of systems including swing stages, mast climbers, rope access, fixed scaffold and elevated work platforms.
  • The roof structure was covered by multiple services which made it very difficult to install a watertight membrane. To overcome this challenge, the design team prefabricated sections that were installed to combine seamlessly with the existing services, enabling the waterproofing warranty to be met.
  • The hotel remained fully operational throughout the works and Duratec was responsible for the management of traffic and public accessways and hotel service entries.
  • The privacy of the tenants was a vital consideration during the works with restricted hours for all noisy works.
  • Engineering with temporary supports, including installation with roof-mounted spider cranes.


  • Facade Refurbishments
  • Waterproofing
  • Painting

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