Each year around 5,500 members leave the ADF and businesses have an ideal opportunity to take advantage of this professional talent pool.

In 2016 the Prime Ministers Veterans’ Employment Program was initiated to raise awareness of the value and experience of Australia’s veterans.

The Program demonstrates the importance the Government places on raising awareness with employers, both private and public sector, of the skills, values and experience veterans bring to the civilian workplace and helps veterans identify veteran friendly employers.

In 2020 Duratec signed the commitment to supporting our veterans. As a proud supporter of the Veteran’s Employment program we commit to:

  • recognising the skills and value that veterans can bring to Duratec
  • supporting the employment of veterans, ensuring that veterans have equal opportunity in gaining employment with Duratec
  • provide veterans with career opportunities within Duratec
  • actively seeking to understand how veterans’ skills and experience can translate into civilian skills and contribute to Duratec
  • providing suitable training, mentoring and coaching to veterans to assist their integration into Duratec
  • ensuring our human resource policies equitably support the recruitment and retention of all employees, including veterans

To find out more about the program, visit Veterans Employment Program