Duratec South Australia first began working at Inner Harbour Adelaide in 2019. The assignment? To remediate the wharf’s berths 18 to 20. Since then, Duratec has delivered stages one and two of the project and was recently appointed to undertake the third and final stage of works.

It was three years ago that Duratec submitted a tender for stage one of the concrete remediation of berths 18 to 20. Thanks to the company’s strong track record in infrastructure upgrades, as well as its experience in the marine industry, Duratec was awarded the contract and planning began.

Upon initial inspections, Duratec found the concrete wharf retaining wall had deteriorated with large sections failing. Through significant collaboration with the client and its nominated engineers, a robust scope of works for the three stages of works emerged:

  • Demolition and disposal of asbestos elements
  • Replacement of existing wharf furniture
  • Replacement of existing bollards, and blasting and painting of new bollards
  • Repairs to concrete coping beams – more than 470 lineal metres over two stages
  • Repairs to vertical stiffeners
  • Blasting and painting of northern wing sheet pile wall
  • Replacement of lower arch fender connections

Upon the successful delivery of the first two stages, Duratec was recently re-engaged to complete stage three of the works – the remediation of the northern wing wall. The scope of works for this stage includes:

  • Remediation of remaining section of berth 20 front wall (a distance of approximately 46 metres)
  • Remediation of northern wall at berth 20
  • Remediation of northern sheet pile wing wall at berth 20 and replacement of capping beam atop sheet pile wall

As well as concrete repairs, stage three incorporates grouting, blasting and painting, and the replacement of platforms, fenders, rubbing strips, kerbing and other materials once the new concrete has cured.

Being awarded all three stages of the Flinders Ports project is testament to the South Australia team’s consistent delivery of high-quality work and ability to work within time and budget constraints. Once the third stage of the works has been delivered, it will be the largest project that
Duratec’s South Australian branch has ever completed.