Prior to works on any concrete remediation project, testing needs to be carried out in order to understand the structure’s condition. Duratec recently undertook the inspection of the Crib Point Jetty in the lead-up to a planned upgrade.

Crib Point Jetty is located in the Port of Hastings on the Mornington Peninsula, approximately 65
kilometres south of Melbourne. The jetty was constructed circa 1967 and consists of two berthing heads, jetty head 1 and jetty head 2. Jetty head 1 is used by United Petroleum for the import of unleaded petrol and diesel, while jetty head 2 is currently non-operational.

The Port of Hastings had been planning an upgrade of the jetty for some time. The project was to incorporate the strengthening of structures, such as berthing and mooring dolphins, the installation of new piles, the construction of new berthing and mooring dolphins, and other works.

Some of the jetty’s concrete structures, however, required remediation prior to the upgrade — what the Port didn’t know was the extent of the degradation, nor its cause. Duratec was engaged to undertake testing and gain a better understanding of the condition of each structural element.

Inspection and testing techniques employed by Duratec included visual and delamination surveys, cover metre surveys, half-cell potential mapping and concrete sample collection for cement content, and chloride testing. The team used a variety of access methods, such as an underbridge
inspection unit, elevated work platforms and boats.

Duratec was onsite for about six months and testing finished in August. This information about the jetty’s condition will provide the Port of Hastings with the details it needs to enable the prioritisation of and planning for repairs.

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