Duratec’s flagship cladding replacement project in the Perth CBD is approaching the final stages. The Central Park transformation is the largest of its kind ever undertaken in Australia; its scale and complexity are truly unprecedented.

As some areas of the facade have now been completed, the temporary access infrastructure is being removed – that translates to more than 300 tonnes of steel, around a 52-storey skyscraper, being taken down via crane in the middle of the city.

Two of the CBD’s busiest streets are being closed over several weekends to accommodate 16 major  lifts by two massive cranes – a 300t crane to remove temporary perimeter platforms, and a 450t crane, with an 80m boom and 26m fly, to lift out heavier steelwork.

Of 7,727 panels, more than 7,200 have been installed. The final five per cent of the facade area will be completed in tandem with the dismantling of the rest of the steel as some of the existing panels sit behind the access infrastructure.