The wharf remediation project at BHP Berth C&D continues to tick along nicely since works began on site in March this year.

Duratec is engaged by BHP

Late last year, Duratec was engaged to undertake a $48 million wharf remediation project at Finucane Island, off Port Hedland in WA. More specifically, the project involves works to Berth C&D  and consists of the following objectives:

  • Repairs to steel piles and steel members
  • Replacement of steel ladders
  • Concrete remediation
  • Repairs to pile wrapping
  • Installation of pile jackets
  • Fabrication and installation of a new raw-water line and hose connection points
  • Repairs to jetties at Berth D
  • Demolition of two access landings

Milestones so far

Works on the remediation project are progressing well with milestones including:

  • Completion of initial pre-shutdown works
  • Completion of eight non-shutdown periods of works, with some tasks including:
    • Suspended scaffolding works
    • Rope access works
    • Concrete repair
    • Structural strengthening
  • Completion of six shutdowns (three to each berth) out of a scheduled total of 12 shutdowns, with  works including:
    • Pre-works scaffolding
    • Mobilisation and positioning of Duratec’s jack-up barge in berth pocket ƒ
    • Erection of IGO-50 crane on jack-up barge
    • Installation of complex modular scaffolding utilising jack-up barge crane
    • Rope access works
    • Multiple small-vessel interactions and remediation scopes

Successful shutdowns

Duratec has now successfully performed six out of 12 shutdowns, all of which have involved high-risk, technically difficult works executed in a time-pressured environment. Shutdowns also involve complex logistics which can take up to a year or more in planning.

Highlights of the shutdowns at Berth C&D so far have included:

  • Implementation of up to 170 personnel on site
  • Long shutdown campaigns in excess of 20 days
  • Works completion rate of more than 90 per cent in critical shutdown scenarios
  • Inclusion of additional scopes in planning to maximise shutdown opportunities for client

Innovative ideas

Throughout this project, Duratec has implemented a number of innovative methodologies, starting  with the provision of specialist engineering advice prior to the commencement of works. Other innovations have included:

  • Use of self-erecting IGO-50 crane on Duratec’s driller 100 jack-up barge
  • Building of Duratec fleet – further vessels added
  • Operation of both EWP and scissor-lift vessels
  • Innovative, light-weight, modular, pre-fabricated scaffolds (designed by Duratec’s in-house design specialists) for efficient installation and removal
  • 3D modelling and animation of work stage planning (again created by in-house designers), allowing project team to visualise works

The road ahead

Duratec looks forward to a busy 2024 at Berth C&D with several more shutdowns planned and key objectives including:

  • Completion of campaigns four and five, including four extremely busy shutdown periods in March and August 2024
  • Commencement of demolition scopes
  • Continuation of pipework installation to commission new waterline along wharf
  • Further works to strengthen Berth D headstocks, shoring up wharf for future shiploader upgrades
  • Ongoing assessment of wharf elements for scope growth items to assist client in maximising remediation opportunities on Berth C&D