The Woomera Range Complex, located 450km north-west of Adelaide, is an important Defence capability, testing and evaluation asset that plays a significant role in Australia’s national security.


The demolition works consisted of safe removal of a single story brick building T004 in the Woomera Technical Area within the RAAF Woomera Test Range. The scope of works included:

  • Asbestos removal.
  • Service isolation and disconnection.
  • Demolition of structural steel roof crane frame.
  • Demolition of external masonry leaf.
  • Demolition of reinforced concrete foundations.
  • Demolition of suspended concrete floor.
  • Demolition of external roof cladding, gutters, downpipes. timber doors, windows frames and glazing.


  • Remote site location.
  • Contaminated materials removal and disposal.
  • Demolition of external structure.


  • Demolition

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