HMAS Creswell is a Royal Australian Navy base that consists of the Royal Australian Naval College, the RAN School of Survivability and Ship’s Safety, the Beecroft Weapons Range and an administrative support department.


HMAS Albatross is home of the Royal Australian Navy’s Fleet Air Arm and is the largest operational Naval establishment and the Navy’s only Air Station. The primary task of HMAS Albatross is to support the four Naval Air Squadrons, which provide air support to the fleet.

The project objective is the delivery of electrical upgrade and refurbishment works at HMAS Creswell and HMAS Albatross.

The project comprises the following tasks:

Task No. 0020-104-1 Substation 12 Replacement Works
This includes elements associated with the replacement of the pad mounted HV substation.

Task No. 0026-176-5 Building 176 Emergency Power House Decommissioning Works
This includes elements associated with the decommission and removal of existing generators including all associated connecting infrastructure and patch building fabric following
removal of old infrastructure (i.e. old exhaust flumes, in ground cabling and switchboards) and patch and terminate services.


  • HV substation works.
  • Design engineering for optimal value for cable location.


  • Electrical Upgrades

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