Duratec was initially engaged to conduct a survey of the hospital cooling tower to identify issues and provide recommendations for repair. Duratec was subsequently chosen by the NT government to complete the works.


The Royal Darwin Hospital (RDH) central thermal plant consists of six off water-cooled chillers which serve the entire RDH district chilled water needs. The heat rejection component of these chillers is handled by four built-up concrete cooling towers.

The scope of works comprised of repair and reinforcement to the fan motor/gearbox assembly support structures in the tower, and included the removal of all damaged concrete, priming of the exposed reinforcement steel, installation of a galvanic anode system and reinstatement of the concrete cover.

This was followed by a low pressure water blast, application of a waterproof coating and a carbon fibre reinforced polymer structural strengthening system to the underside of the beams.


  • Works completed following a Duratec technical survey.
  • Project completed under confined space permit (Duratec Australia Safe Work Entry Procedures).
  • Works completed safely with no incidents.


  • Concrete Repair
  • Waterproofing
  • Confined Space

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