This project involved the supply, construction, test and commission of the newly refurbish 25m firing rangeĀ in accordance with the requirements described in the construction drawings, specifications, reports and contract.


Main project objectives:

Repair of target trench, remediation of bullet catcher, installation of ballistic side walls, reinstatement of access and turning area and cross land drainage.

Reconfigure firing mound/shelter to be compliant with current Defence standards.

Remediation and re-alignment of all lane markers with red lane marker posts in target trench, inground lane indicators and lane markers on firing mound.

Remediation of range signages and installation of appropriate new signage where required.

Undertaking of on-site treatment and disposal of lead contaminated sand to licenced landfill.


  • Effectively consulted and liaised with ADF stakeholders to complete the works with minimal interruptions.
  • Successfully completed the project with zero safety, environmental incidents and non-conformances.


  • Building Fit Out

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