Heritage listed Meadowbank Bridge is a cast iron double lattice steel girder bridge spanning Parramatta river and located between Rhodes and Meadowbank in Sydney.


It was erected in 1886 and carried trains until 1980 when a new parallel railway bridge was built. The bridge was converted for pedestrian and cycle use in 2000.

The bridge had not seen any notable maintenance for 50 years and during an inspection in 2018, structural degradation creating public safety hazards, was noticed. Build up of debris and rubbish on the bottom girder channels obscured detailed inspection of the bridge for structural repairs design.
Duratec’s scope of works included vacuum suction of non-adhered rust and lead paint, debris and rubbish from within the channels of bottom chords. Installation of temporary steel bracing for the bridge top chords, a defect survey, replacement of damaged rivets on flat bar bracings and tightening of wind bracings were also carried out.


  • The works were carried out while the bridge was fully open to cyclists and pedestrians at all times.
  • Steel elements under the bridge were accessed using 80-foot EWP secured on an assembly of 4 x sets of modular pontoon barges.
  • Navigable channels for passenger ferries were closed and routed to alternate channels during arge operation.
  • Works carried out above water in both day and night shifts with zero safety or environmental incidents


  • Bridge Maintenance
  • Abrasive Blasting & Painting
  • Preservation of Heritage Structures

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