Located 90km south-west of Brisbane, Hillhaven Holiday Apartments were built in the mid 1960s.


Duratec was engaged by Kane Constructions to remediate the north and east facades including:

North facade:

  • Technical investigation of balconies and columns.
  • Concrete repair to balconies and columns.
  • Installation of a cathodic protection system to balconies.
  • Installation of a waterproof membrane to balconies.

East facade:

  • Technical investigation.
  • Concrete repair.
  • Application of a silane treatment.


  • Duratec understands the concerns of hospitality asset owners such as public safety and liability issues and minimising disruption to operations.
  • Duratec was able to provide special expertise to advise in selection and layout of CP system.


  • Concrete Repair
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Waterproofing

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