Adelaide Convention Centre is located on North Terrace, Adelaide. It is a modern, flexible, and technologically advanced venue and comprises of three independent buildings. Aurecon had previously been engaged by Adelaide Venue Management Corporation (AVMC) to undertake various load checks of the slab for exhibitions of heavy equipment.

These checks have identified that the pour strips in the floor are a relative ‘weak point’ within the slab and are at a lower capacity than the remainder of the floor. Carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) fabric externally bonded to the soffit (underside) of the slab. This carbon fibre provides additional tensile reinforcement for the slab and increases the pour strip capacity to better match the adjacent primary slab.


  • Continual stakeholder engagement to complete works with minimal disruption to the operations of Adelaide Convention Centre
  •  Coordination with the clients engineer to ensure installation was as per the intended design
  • Use of all terrain scissor lift to access carpark soffits where traditional Scissor lift is not possible this reduced the need for fixed scaffold that would have had impact on the use of the carpark

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