Duratec was engaged to concrete repairs to balcony hobs on the 26 storey riverside Admiralty Towers One residential building in Brisbane’s CBD.


Concrete cracking and connection failure at the base of balustrade posts to the precast concrete hob at the edge of the balconies was presenting a public safety issue.

Duratec was engaged to apply structural repair epoxy and install carbon fibre wrap and carbon fibre laminate to repair the concrete, recessing a minimum of 5 to 10mm so that once the wrap and laminate are installed the repair will finish flush with the existing hob surface.

Once completed, the repairs were repainted to match the existing finish of the building.


  • Duratec chose an access system of two concurrent swing stages to complete the works which were considered safer than rope access in capturing falling debris, for jack hammering and saw cutting concrete and dust mitigation control.
  • Duratec chose the painting works to the hobs to be performed by rope access as the entire length and height of the hob required repainting, this was a cost effective solution as it reduced the number of moves and hire period of the swing stages.


  • Concrete Repair
  • Structural Strengthening
  • Facade Refurbishments

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