Duratec is committed to improving sustainability and fulfilling its environmental responsibilities. And it appears its staff are equally enthusiastic! Here are just some of the initiatives that have been rolled out by Duratec employees – of their own accord – across the country.

Victoria gets on board

The Victorian team has implemented a ‘sustainability board’ at one of their project sites. The sustainability board provides an opportunity for the team to brainstorm sustainability ideas, both big and small. Crew members also created their pre-start area out of pre-loved items and are reducing their reliance on landfill by segregating waste on site.

‘Boomerang cups’ top shelf in the Victorian office

You won’t hear “I left my keep cup in the car” or “the dog ate my keep cup” in the Melbourne office. The branch now has keep cups on the kitchen shelf for both the team and visitors to use. Coffee pods are also no longer binned but recycled through a recovery scheme.

High-vis recycling

In Western Australia, the team is future-focused and taking recycling to the next level. They have embarked on an initiative to collect employees’ old high-vis work shirts, pants and other clothing, and re-use them for rags. According to the team, demand for rags exceeds what goes into the bin, so it never gets full. It’s just another example of a simple yet innovative approach to re-using everyday items for a new purpose.