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Truck & Trailer Products
Sliding Truck Curtains

Duratec has manufactured Premium Sliding Truck Curtains in Wetherill Park, NSW since 1995 in webbing style, pocketed in both plain and sign written. The truck curtain fabric and other products used to manufacture the curtains have been time tested and proven to meet truck owner /driver's cost benefit expectations. Duratec's built a reputation by supporting the products with great service and excellent after sales support whether the customer is an owner/driver or a large trucking company. For an obligation free quotation please email Duratec or give us a call on (02) 9756 5041.




Digital Imaged Sliding Truck Curtains

Duratec has manufactured Digital Imaged Curtains also since 1995 for a wide range of advertising needs. Truck Curtain Imaging is the cheapest form of advertising reaching fresh audiences daily. Delivery trucks around the metropolitan area travel around the city 10 -12 hours each day many of them including Saturday exposure. Advertisers can cost effectively promote their products using a number of inexpensive high exposure, high impact, "shotguns" way below the price of an expensive "rifle."


Load Restraint Curtains

Duratec can supply the latest load restraint curtains for all types of rigid trucks and semi trailers. A load restraint certification badge is welded to the outside of the curtains to avoid any lost time or confusion with the authorities checking for responsible load management.


Truck Curtain Repairs

Quick convenient repairs at Duratec's Wetherill Park factory or book Duratec's mobile service.


Truck Curtain Parts

A comprehensive range quality sliding truck curtain parts are available from Duratec . Parts can be supplied and fitted or supply only. Refer to the Truckers DIY range for the list of parts.